Samantha byrd at  hoomaluhia botanical garden


I'm Samantha, the creative eye behind Samantha Byrd Photography,  and I am so glad you found me! Living on Oahu has let me fly my free spirit flag high, with too many adventures to count. My two children and husband are my favorite adventure buddies, we love taking advantage of every chance we get to soak up all that this amazing chain of islands has to offer. In my free time I love hanging out at Lanikai beach, Snorkeling with the honu and spending time with my family and friends, almost as much as I love working on creating beautiful  memories for my clients. 

Samantha Byrd with  family


You're  more likely to find me with my camera in tow than not, even if my  husband nags me otherwise, it is my lifeline. Just as I hope to achieve  with your dream session, I want to document every aspect of this beautiful life that my family has been given. My passion for photography is driven by my desire to gain insight into your life and let those intimate details shine through. Just as I smile fondly when I look upon the family photos I have all over my home, I want to do the same  for you. 

Samantha byrd at bee and tea Kailua


No  matter the type of session, I pride myself in delivering images that  you will look back on and talk about fondly for years to come. My goal is to tell a story, one that is uniquely yours, a story that deserves to stand the test of time. If you are ready to tell your story, look no further.